Predrag Vukasinovic is a Serbian artist whose work has found expression in multiple disciplines over the last two decades, including photography, illustration, painting, as well as costume and fashion design.    

     The founder and designer of the fashion studio, GETTO, Predrag developed his creative craft in the turbulent post-war era of the 1990s in the Balkans.  Unaccepting of mass production techniques, he remains personally involved in each of his creations, ensuring exclusive and unique designs without compromise. He designs and sews each piece of clothing, taking care and joy in every step of the production.  

     In addition to working as a fashion designer and painter, Predrag has travelled extensively over the last decade.  His journeys, nomadic at times, have taken him throughout the world and have allowed him to capture images of life unique to the cultures in which he immersed himself.  His quest for truth and self-discovery have led to sojourns in indigenous villages from Laos to Guatemala, to ashrams of India and Peru, and Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Myanmar.  Throughout his travels, he has studied Buddhism, meditation, and various yoga techniques, all of which influence his focus on sustainable fashion, ecological integrity, and social justice.  

• Predrag Vukasinovic Design Founder / Creative Director / Owner [2012-Present]

• Fashion house GETTO Belgrade Founder / Creative Director / Owner [1999-2012]

• USCE TREND magazine Editor in chief [2010-2012] 

• COSMOPOLITAN Fashion editor [2008-2009] 

• MAKSIMA Beograd President and co-owner [1995-1998]

Photo exhibitions include:

• 2021 Serbia, Belgrade – Virtual exhibition Palimpsest, Prodajna galerija “Beograd”

• 2021 Serbia, Belgrade – Group exhibition Klatno, festival Dev9t

• 2020 Serbia, Belgrade – Solo exhibition Palimpsest,  O3ONE Gallery

• 2020 Serbia, Belgrade – Solo exhibition Exposure,  Promenada Showroom

• 2020 Serbia, Belgrade – Group exhibition Sinergija, Art For All Gallery

• 2019 Sweeden, Almhult  – Solo exhibition, Shape of Silence, Studieforbundet Vuxenskolan

• 2019 Sweeden,  Lessebo Handspappersbruk – Solo exhibition, Shape of Silence

• 2019 Serbia, Belgrade – Group exhibition Big Picture, Art For All Gallery as part of the Belgrade Photography Month 

Solo exhibitions of paintings include:

• 2003 Serbia, Belgrade – No Gender Land, Belgrade Cultural Center Deve  

• 1999 Serbia, Belgrade – Window Portret, Philly Caffe Gallery

• His illustrations appeared in the collection of poems by the author Jelena Puhac.

Fashionshows and costume design exhibits:

• 2020 South Serbia, Fashion Project Back to roots

• 2020 Belgrade, Serbia, Fashion Project Cetinjska

• 2019  Belgrade, Serbia, Fashion Project Crown Plaza

• 2018  Sweden, Motala, Fashion Project  Motor Museum

• 2018  Istria, Croatia, Fashion Project Fashion Caravan

• 2017  Belgrade, Serbia, Fashion Project Kalemegdan 

• 2017  Santorini, Greece, Fashion Project Mediterraneo

• 2017  Belgrade, Serbia, Group Fashion Exhibition Ben Akiba

• 2016  Dubai, UAE, Fashion Project Medina

• 2016  Ibiza Old Town, Fashion Project Spanish Fiesta

• 2016  Belgrade, Serbia, Fashion Project  White Castle Wedding 

• 2015  Belgrade, Serbia, Fashion Project ZX56009

• 2015  Fashion Week Belgrade –Zene Heroji, Opening night

• 2013  Belgrade,Serbia, Fashion Project Arterija

• 2011   Belegis, Serbia, Fashion Project Russian Fairytale

• 2011.  Craiova, Romania, Miss Royal Models – Fashion Show

• 2010. Belgrade, Serbia, Royal Spark – Fashion Show

• 2010. Belgrade Design Week – Fashion Exhibition

• 2010. Belgrade, Serbia ,Traditional Charity Fashion Show at the Royal Palace – White Palace – Fashion Show

• 2009.  Fashion Week Belgrade – MTS Opening night

• 2008. Bar, Montenegro – Jana Fashion Day – Fashion Show

• 2008. Fashion Week Belgrade –RARA AVIS, Belgrade, Serbia – Fashion Show

•2007.   Fashion Week Belgrade – PULS GRADA, Belgrade, Serbia – Fashion Show

• 2006. Belgrade, Serbia, Plastic – Fashion Show

• 2005. Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka Moda Fest   – Fashion Show

• 2005. Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka – Beauty Competition – Queen of B&H 

• 2005. Belgrade, Serbia – NOMAD ART Embassy Residence of India – Fashion Show

• 2004. Croatia, Zagreb, Fashion Week Zagreb  – Fashion Show

• 2004. Bosnia and Hercegovina, Banja Luka, Moda Fest Banja Luka – Fashion Show

• 2003. Cacak, Serbia, GHETTO  – Fashion Show

• 2003. Belgrade,nSerbia, DECIJE SRCE – Charity Fashion Show 

• 2002. Belgrade, Serbia, SHICK SHOCK  – Fashion Show

• 2002. Belgrade,Serbia, REDKEN ACADEMY HAIRFAIR – Fashion Show 

• 2000. Subotica, Serbia, Just Getto – Fashion Show

• 2000. Belgrade, Serbia,  MONOMANIA – Fashion Show